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About Tamara

Homeopath, French Osteopath, Holistic Healer


The road to living healthy, happy, and pain-free.

Living Miracles


An athlete with crazy great metabolism, I was one of the lucky ones that never had a concern about what I ate.  I learned how to focus and creatively visualize my goals and to actualize them.  Even with these strengths, I wasn't in control of my life.  It was chaotic with traumatic things happening to me.    For years, always a positive person accomplishing my goals, I suffered through major life-threatening events and had been hospitalized on a yearly basis.

Each time I was hospitalized I heard the doctors say, It's a miracle she is still conscious...   It's a miracle she is alive... 

It's a miracle...

During these times, miracles were happening.  It was during these times that I slowed my life down enough to listen to my  heart and reconnect with my divine purpose.  The most profound was the last time when I had had a near death experience.  I was galloping on horseback n the French countryside and a my stirrup broke.  When the metal hit the ground, my horse jumped to the left making it impossible for me to regain my balance.  I saw the horses hoofs pounding next to me as I was falling and new I had to make a choice, get stomped on or tuck and roll.  I chose tuck and roll.  However, I didn't have a helmet. I rolled on the rocky terrain twice before my now beat up body came to a stop.  I prayed and did Reiki like a madman asking for a miracle.  

Suddenly, I lost my vision...  

Then it happened, I felt heat moving from my head throughout my body, as if I was on fire.  My entire body was burning.  Then it changed,  I was filled head to toe with love.  I am aware that this sounds like one of the late night show skits, but it's true.  The only way I can explain it is that feeling you get when you fall in love for the first time but multiplied by 100 and filling my entire body.  It was the most joy I have ever felt in my life.  I wasn't worried, I knew I was going to be okay, and I didn't care if I wasn't going to be.  And then the miracle happened and  my vision was restored.  I opened my eyes and the world glowed around me.  

My world was forever changed.  

First, I choose not to have to be hit over the head to get a message!  

Second, I have devoted my life to using the same healing energy that was given to me that day to help others.  All the light and love  I can muster to help others find perfect balance with the balance of mind, body and soul.  I am a very pragmatic person, really, and have educated myself with the science behind energetic modalities.

I am a French Osteopath and Homeopath and previous owner of the Centre de Soins in France where in we worked on people and all types of animals from France, England, Belgium, Spain and Germany.  I am also a member of the  IAABW, and OAE.  While in Europe it afforded me the opportunity to learn other modalities that don't exist yet in the states. 

"You've been called here to expand the awareness of your soul, to be all that you can be in this chosen life..." THEO

And the moment is now.  At the Healin' Zone at Lavendar Hill Spa, we have combined a team of experts and created a program aimed  to restore your well being, relieve your stress and pain, and help you heal your life.  Get you back on track.  

The Wellness Toolkit!


The healing process is different for every person.  By offering a variety of modalities you can choose what will suit you best.  Part of the restoring process is identifying what your intentions are before the session begins.  It involves finding a moment of centeredness and beginning the process of owning your power.   By sitting in our meditation room and taking the time to reflect and confidentially note some things you want to change in your life.  By doing this you set the stage for the beginning of healing. 

Like each one of us has a different fingerprint, every one of us has a different soul note and a message to give.

The next step of the healing process is a 60m massage.  Massage is essential to begin the healing process. By releasing muscle tension the body starts to realign.  Emotional tensions old and new can be released, old injuries and muscle memory can begin to heal.  At the end of the massage the goal is to feel completely open and relaxed.   

Feel the full essence of your soul. 

With your energy open and body completely relaxed, you move to the vibrational healing process.    This involves re-alignment of meridian lines and receiving healing energy.   I m a Usui and Karuna Reiki master and certified in acupuncture.  Having practiced both for 20 years, and super charged with the healing experience above, this is my favorite part.  For approximately 30 minutes you will be "blasted" with healing light and love energy. Clients leave this part of the Healin' Zone feeling joyful and courageous. 

Confidently own your power

This is followed by a review of your history, your lifestyle, your concerns, and then you will be given a holistic total care plan that will help you achieve your goals.   The total care plan counsel can include alternatives like... 

  • Homeopathy - a natural remedy that helps your body heal itself.  (see the blog for more information)
  • Phytotherapy - Essential oils can be used topically, internally, or in aromatherapy; 
  • Flower Essences - A gentle way to help balance your emotions and heal;
  • Gemmotherapy - either with stones or with the essence of healing rocks;
  • Color Therapy - Using the energy of the colors to help balance your chakras;
  • Oligotherapy - Minerals and colloidal elements to help with organ function;
  • Herbs and Supplements;
  • Glandular Therapy;
  • Further massages and body work;
  • EFT counsel
  • Spiritual counsel to help change repetitive patterns of thinking that might be holding you back.
  • Sound Therapy - to help you continue to raise your vibration.
  • Reflexology

At the end of this 2.5 hour session, My goal for you is to feel lighter and connected; ready to courageously share more of who you are  with the world.   

Living in joy.