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Abbilita Daisy "Dear Abbie"

Service Dog & Emotional Service Dog in Training

Abbilita Daisy, or Abbie, is a mini Australian shephard.  Her favorite things to do is to make people feel happy.  If you are having a "ruff" time, schedule an appointment with Abbie.  She is guaranteed to make you feel better. 


Abbie LOVES people!  Training as an emotional support and service dog, she loves meeting new people.  

Meet Abbie

Call to schedule an appointment to meet Abbie or join us at one of our events.  

Ask Dear Abbie... the dog's pov

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Dear Abbie, How do I deal with my pet's separation anxiety? He cries and destroys the house when I

 The first thing to do is to take your pet to the vet to have a physical to make sure your pet doesn't have any pain.  If a dog has sore teeth and gums, they might excessively chew.  If they are tearing the hair out of their paws or chewing on themselves, they might have pain in that part of their body.  The doctor might also provide calming medicines.  Although this is not a long term solution, it can provide some relief while getting to the root of the problem.   At the same time, this is what I would recommend:

  1. Think about your pet for 1-2 minutes every day at the same time.  Let's pick noon.  Set your alarm on your phone and put yourself somewhere where you will have no interruptions.  Think about your fur baby.  Think about the good times, the things you love about him.  Think about the times you have had that were fun.  Playing catch.  See your dog smiling and happy and focus on all the things that make him happy for just one minute, just one minute a day.
  2.  There are essential oils that you can get from the vet, however, if your pet is like me, my anxiety is more a predisposition to being CRAZY HAPPY about my family the essential oils helped me center myself, but I was still a bit much as a puppy.  
  3. Homeopathic remedies are VERY helpful for anxiety and can be found in most health food stores like Sunflower Shoppe, Natural Grocer, Whole Foods and Sprouts.  Gelsemium sempervirens is great to give about an hour before you leave especially if your baby shakes. The great thing about homeopathy is that there are a multitude of remedies for different types of anxiety...  travel...  separation... fear of storms... etc...
  4. I love my crate.  It is my safe place.  My family always gives me treats when they leave, and sometimes I even have puzzles to work on so I don't get bored.  But some pets don't like to be crated and that can cause even more stress.  
  5. Bach Flower Essences are really great. Both homeopathy and flower essences work on the emotions and open the spirit to change.
  6. Massage and energetic work is great to soothe and calm .  Look for a massage therapist, like Tamara, that will teach you massage techniques specific to your pet that you can do yourself to help.  Which brings me to the next subject...
  7. Spend at least 5 minutes a day giving your pet 100% of your attention.  That means going for a walk without your telephone.  If this doesn't work contact Tamara she's the expert and has a multitude of tools that can get into the nitty gritty of your personal situation with your pet.

There are other things to consider when talking about pet anxiety.  Nutrition, exercise, recent illnesses, an inbalance in the body due to medications, chemicals, etc.  If your pet is showing other physical signs along with anxiety, like constipation, restlessness, aggressivity, skipping, depression, disinterest, eating too much, occasional vomiting and diahrrea due to stress, allergies, etc. , an appointment is recommended. 

Rescue Dog Anxiety - All Pet Rescues get 50% off Memberships

One out of ten pets rescued are returned to the shelter or abandoned on the street because of problems.  Some have health problems and the owners cannot handle the expenses or lifestyle, however, for other rescued pets, "acting out" after being rescued is a problem.  If you would like Tamara to examine your rescued pet and follow through and help you with the adjustment period, please sign up for our membership.   This will allow your pet, you and your family to receive the benefits of all that she has to offer.  With proof of rescue, you will receive 50% off membership.

If you have any topics or questions you would like to ask dear Abbie, please email us at contact@tam

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