New scientific evidence proves Reiki works.

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing for People and Pets, Too!

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Homeopathy & Bodywork

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Homeopathy & Bodywork

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Homeopathy & BodyworkOsteo-Tam Holistic Healing Homeopathy & BodyworkOsteo-Tam Holistic Healing Homeopathy & Bodywork


Pets and People, too!

Lving in joyful balance, naturally.

Welcome to Osteo-Tam

Einstein proved that all matter is energy,  and 

energy is at the basis of everything.

* Joy * Happiness * Gratitude *

All are rooted in the energetic system of the body.   

For thousands of years, acupuncturist have been using energetic meridian lines in the body to diagnose, treat and heal.  Your body knows how to heal.  Every second of every day cells are regenerating, healing, trying to heal.  Patterns of thought and emotions (like anger, loss or depression), repetitive movements, past injuries, recent illnesses, and chronic illnesses leave stress points  on your meridian lines and throughout the energetic webbing of your body.  Releasing these points, and restoring your bodies energetic systems, brings not only balance and well-being, it returns you to yourself and reconnects you to your joy.  

With 20 years experience, Tamara helps her patients find complete and total well-being.  Each session includes taking into account the whole individual.  This is very important because, for example, if you suffer from chronic neck pain, there are stress points on meridian points in your legs, back, feet and arms that must be released.   Working and learning techniques from around the world, Tamara has refined her skills and quickly get sto the root of the problem.   

Why Homeopathy?

Embracing homeopathy means believing that every second of every day your body is trying to restore, rebalance and heal.  It is evidenced in the smallest cut or bruise.  The science behind homeopathy it is more complicated that this, however, simply said homeopathy helps your body help itself; helps cure the cause.  Allopathic medicine and homeopathy often times go hand in hand.  Unlike some herbal supplements, homeopathy has no adverse reactions.  We are all predisposed to certain ailments, and our life styles and stresses contribute to our inbalances.  Working together, our goal is to help you and your body live joyfully in balance.

The first session lasts approximately 2 hours.  This allows Tamara to review your history, current challenges and intentions, give you a healing session, and finish with a Holistic Total Care Counsel tailored to your individual needs and life style.  The Holistic Total Care Counsel is designed specifically for you, your lifestyle and is a compliment to your medical diagnosis and doctor treatment plan and includes scientifically proven holistic modalities.  It is a TOTAL care plan because it is important to find balance in order to heal, offering a complete balance of mind, body and soul. 


Now located in the Keller Town Center at Lavender Hill Spa,  rejuvenation and healing can be taken to the next level as Energy Healing can be combined with any of the organic spa treatments at the spa.  

You are a miracle and people are waiting for your light to shine upon them.   

Reiki Scientifically Proven

Recently, I was invited to participate in a scientific experiment in France where we were measuring the energetic influence on water before us and at a distance.  The results were off the charts.  Tamara is now on a mission to attune more people to levels 1 with the power symbol.  Her patients that are attuned to the Reiki, life force healing energy, will not only be able to do reiki on themselves allowing them to heal between sessions, but the in-person/distance sessions will be more profound. 

What is Osteo-Tam bodywork?

Learn how Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing bodywork works to restore, de-stress, heal and re-energize you and your body. 


Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing

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Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing

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