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By Appointment Only

animal acupuncture, alternative care

Appointments are available at home or at the center.  Due to each animal and owner's individual needs, each session is by appointment only.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at any time.  Face time conferencing available.  Multi family discounts available.

 For people, too!

Puppy Core Classes

Keep your puppies thinking while strengthening their core muscles.  For breeds predisposed to luxations, hip dysplasia... For active breeds... to prevent boredom...  This class builds a closer bond with your fur baby and promotes general well-being.

Geriatric Patients

As  our loved ones age they begin to suffer from arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, ...  30 minute sessions, one to three times a week is beneficial to  geriatric patients or animals suffering from injury.  Massage training is available to teach you how to work with your animal yourself. chiropractic homeopathy

What to Expect

Sentiments of a pet owner: My love has no beginning, my love has no end. No going back, my love won't end. I'm in the middle... Lost in a spin... Loving you.... Can't stop loving you.. How glad I am...


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