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A French Osteopath and Homeopath with 20 years experience with holistic healing, each session with Tamara is a unique opportunity to receive your choice of bodywork, vibrational healing, a complete meridian alignment and Holistic Total Care Plan.   The Holistic Total Care Plan is designed specifically for you and is a compliment to your medical diagnosis and doctor treatment plan and includes scientifically proven holistic modalities.  It is a TOTAL care plan because it is important to find balance in order to heal, and it is designed specifically to your needs and offers a complete balance of mind, body and soul. 

Sessions are available for you and your family, and your pets! 


Now located in the Keller Town Center at Lavender Hill Spa,  rejuvenation and healing can be taken to the next level as Energy Healing can be combined with any of the organic spa treatments at the spa.  Your typical day can start with:


  • Period of Gratitude:  Setting your intention is important to the healing process.  While sipping an organic tea or coffee, or lavender champagne start your session with 15 minutes of reflection on your goals.  things you want to change in your life, and things that you are thank ful for in your life.  
  • Massage of your Choice: You chose the massage of your choice;
  • Vibrational Attunement - After a massage the healing process has just begun.  The vibrational healing session includes the realigning of your meridians.  Why is this important?  Meridian lines run throughout your body, attaching to different organs and body systems.  Massage serves to release acute tensions, however, by releasing stress points and realigning the meridians, the body can be restored to deeper well being and balance.   A deep-tissue massage is highly recommended to begin this session.   
  • Holistic Counsel - Continuing to work with Tamara, you will be given a total care plan.  This counsel helps you retain your perfect balance for as long as possible. This personal counsel is tailored to your personality, lifestyle and goals.  It may include homeopathic remedies, oligotherapy, EFT, phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, Flower Essences, ... go to the About Page to learn more. 

You are a miracle and people are waiting for your light to shine upon them.  

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