Scientific research proves Distance Reiki works!

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing for People and Pets, Too!

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Osteopathy / Homeopathy

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Osteopathy / Homeopathy

Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing Osteopathy / HomeopathyOsteo-Tam Holistic Healing Osteopathy / HomeopathyOsteo-Tam Holistic Healing Osteopathy / Homeopathy


Pets and People, too!

Lving in joyful balance, naturally.

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You are a miracle and people are waiting for your light to shine upon them.

Welcome to our site.  For over 20 years,  Tamara Shaw has been helping people and animals find total well-being by approaching each patient from a holistic point of view.  The goal is to get to the heart of the problem while alleviating pain and the symptoms at hand.  Passionate about helping people and animals, Tamara believes it is important to continue to evolve as a practitioner and makes it a point to educate herself on the latest findings.  As a result, she has a variety of modalities at her disposal to help her patients including Reiki, massage, acupuncture, acupression, myofasciale release, herbal supplements,  phytotherapy, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, light therapy, color therapy, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, intuitive healing  and angelic shamanism.  Although she already knows it to be true because of results and testimonials, recently, she was invited to participate in scientific research that proves Reiki distance healings work.  As a result, Tamara  and her crew at Osteo-Tam have decided to offer distance healings and  distance Reiki attunements to their patients.  

Why Reiki?

Passionate about healing, Tamara and her team would like to see you feel better fast. We have found that by becoming attuned to Reiki 1 and the Power symbol, that our patients have tremendous results.  After becoming attuned to Reiki the life force healing energy in you is "activated" allowing you to be more receptive to distance healings.  If you are struggling with chronic pain, serious illness, or long term problems and are ready to take your life back this is a solution.  After you have become attuned to Reiki 1 and the Power Symbol, you have the ability to give yourself self treatments in between sessions and help others around you, including your pets!

Angelic Shaman

 The healing vibration of the angels is so joyful and loving and vibrates so quickly that combined with  Reiki,  healings have been known to be instant and spontaneous in both in-person or distance sessions.  Each session always comes with a  personal message for you to help you realign with your divine purpose.  

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Reiki Scientifically Proven

Recently, I was invited to participate in a scientific experiment in France where we were measuring the energetic influence on water before us and at a distance.  The results were off the charts.  Tamara is now on a mission to attune more people to levels 1 with the power symbol.  Her patients that are attuned to the Reiki, life force healing energy, will not only be able to do reiki on themselves allowing them to heal between sessions, but the in-person/distance sessions will be more profound. 

What is Osteo-Tam bodywork?

Learn how Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing bodywork works to restore, de-stress, heal and re-energize you and your body. 


Osteo-Tam Holistic Healing

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